high and dry meaning

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  • Adjective: high and dry
    1. Above where water can reach 
    2. Abandoned, without assistance

  • [American idiom]
    abandoned; unsupported and helpless.
    Everyone else on the committee quit, leaving me high and dry.
    The company moved to Chicago, and I was left high and dry in Dallas.

  • [American slang]
    Fig. safe; unbothered by difficulties; unscathed. (As if someone or something were safe from a flood. See also leave so high and dry.)
      While the riot was going on down on the streets, I was high and dry in my apartment.
      Liz came out of the argument high and dry.


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  1. when you go away, i'll be left high and dry.
  2. he left you high and dry.
  3. he left her high and dry in a strange country without any money.
  4. that leaves wall street's finest high and dry
  5. about what ? about how you left me high and dry

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