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Pronunciation:   "herschel" in a sentence
Noun: Herschel  hurshul
  1. English astronomer (son of William Herschel) who extended the catalogue of stars to the southern hemisphere and did pioneering work in photography (1792-1871)
    - John Herschel, Sir John Herschel, Sir John Frederick William Herschel 
  2. English astronomer (born in Germany) who discovered infrared light and who catalogued the stars and discovered the planet Uranus (1738-1822)
    - William Herschel, Sir William Herschel, Sir Frederick William Herschel

Type of: astronomer, stargazer, uranologist

Encyclopedia: Herschel Herschel, Saskatchewan


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  1. herschel-buckley model
  2. people had a further understanding of the solar system when herschel discovered uranus in 1781
  3. the paper said that sir john herschel, a famous british astronomer, had invented a powerful telescope
  4. uranus, the first planet in our solar system discovered in modern times, was discovered by william herschel in 1781
  5. herschel / spire project-educational resources on the spire instrument on the european space agency's herschel mission, an infrared space observatory

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