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herd up sb/sthherd sb/sth up usually passive to gather people or animals together into a group, especially in order to check them or take them somewhere:
Once a year, all the horses and cattle are herded up and counted.
Only two of our group escaped; the rest were herded up and taken for questioning.
SIMILAR TO: round up


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  1. However, herds up to 5, 000 individuals are not unusual.
  2. John Chisum also brought his herds up the Pecos.
  3. Bandera was once the gathering point for cowboys who were taking their herds up Texas cattle trails to the Chisholm and beyond.
  4. Herds are of mixed sex and usually contain between two and 15 animals, though herds up to 100 have been reported.
  5. They might wait until later this spring, when you could see the March 1 breeding herd up 2 . 5 percent more.

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