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The non-susceptibility to infection of a large group of individuals in a population. A variety of factors can be responsible for herd immunity and this gives rise to the different definitions used in the literature. Most commonly,herd immunity refers to the case when,if most of the population is immune,infection of a single individual will not cause an epidemic. Also,in such immunized populations,susceptible individuals are not likely to become infected. Herd immunity can also refer to the case when unprotected individuals fail to contract a disease because the infecting organism has been banished from the population. n : a reduction in the probability of infection that is held to apply to susceptible members of a population in which a significant proportion of the individuals are immune because the chance of coming in contact with an infected individual is less
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  1. What keeps outbreaks in check, is something called herd immunity.
  2. Herd immunity can only be achieved when vaccination levels are high.
  3. Increasing herd immunity also helps people who have a compromised immune system.
  4. Increasing herd immunity and requiring vaccination in children helps decrease this risk.
  5. The higher the herd immunity, the more mosquitoes necessary to start an epidemic.

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