hercynian meaning

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  Of or relating to the forest-covered mountain region between the Rhine and the Carpathians or the mountain chains running NW and SE between Westphalia and Moravia, of Upper Carboniferous to Cretaceous date
  ORIGIN: L Hercynia (silva) the Hercynian (forest)


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  1. geology and genesis of the hercynian-indosinian granitic rocks in zhuluke area, western liaoning province, china
  2. the thermal events of late hercynian movement and late yanshanian movement has great effects on the maturation of source rocks
  3. To the south it borders the Rhenohercynian Zone of the Hercynian orogeny.
  4. Late Hercynian granitoid bodies were intruded along the South Armorican Shear Zone.
  5. This was the short Bretonnic phase of the Hercynian orogeny.

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