hellebore meaning

Pronunciation:   "hellebore" in a sentence
Noun: hellebore  'helu`bor
  1. Perennial herbs of the lily family having thick toxic rhizomes
    - false hellebore 
  2. Any plant of the Eurasian genus Helleborus

Derived forms: hellebores

Type of: liliaceous plant, poisonous plant

Part of: genus Helleborus, genus Veratrum, Helleborus, Veratrum

Encyclopedia: Hellebore

A plant genus of the family RANUNCULACEAE. Members contain hellebrin (BUFANOLIDES). The extract is the basis of Biocil preparation used for rheumatism. n
a : any herb of the genus Helleborus
b : the dried roots and rhizome of any medicinal herb of the genus Helleborus (as black hellebore H. niger or green hellebore H. viridis) or a powder or extract of this used by the ancient Greeks and Romans in treating mental and other disorders
a : any of several poisonous herbs of the genus Veratrum
b : the dried rhizome and roots of either of two hellebores of the genus Veratrum (the false hellebore V. viride of America and V. album of Europe) or a powder or extract of this containing alkaloids (as protoveratrine) used as a cardiac and respiratory depressant and also as an insecticide —called also veratrum, white hellebore


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  1. the bloom of the fetid hellebores is for their highlight at this end of december
  2. the hellebore of corsica, in flower since the end of january, always maintains one's rank
  3. This year, it expects to sell 80, 000 hellebores.
  4. Geraniums, good hellebores mostly from English sources, other plants.
  5. Double hellebores provide a very intesting variation to the standard hellebore.

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