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  • [Medicine]
    Recording of pertinent information concerning patient's illness or illnesses.


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  1. Students are issued Health Diaries which serve the purpose of ID and medical record for them.
  2. Parents will keep health diaries, and researchers will collect throat swabs from children who get the bug.
  3. "Health Diary " has production values somewhere between a snippet of the 11 p . m . news and a 2 a . m . infomercial.
  4. Ms . Nateghi is one of the patients encountered in the first edition of " Health Diary, " a no-frills half-hour magazine program produced for public television stations at KTCA in Minneapolis-St . Paul.
  5. CBSHealthWatch . com, a joint venture of MedicaLogic / Medscape and CBS News, provides a layperson's account of health issues and an assortment of personal-health-management features, like interactive health diaries and a nutrition calculator.

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