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[ 'hɑ:dwɛə ] Pronunciation:   "hardware" in a sentence
Noun: hardware  'haa(r)d`wehr
  1. Major items of military weaponry (as tanks or missile) 
  2. Instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metal
    - ironware 
  3. (computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system
    - computer hardware

Derived forms: hardwares

Type of: arms, component, constituent, element, implements of war, instrumentality, instrumentation, munition, weaponry, weapons system

Antonym: software

Part of: computer, computing device, computing machine, data processor, electronic computer, information processing system

Encyclopedia: Hardware Hardware, expansion cards

[American slang]
n. a weapon; a gun. (Underworld and Western.)
• I think I see your hardware showing.
• Lefty keeps his hardware under his mattress.


Metal products used in construction, such as: bolts, nails, screws (see rough hardware); fittings, such as catches, hinges, locks, etc. (see finish hardware); tools.

AmE / noun [U]

1 (IT )

the machinery and electronic parts of a computer system:

computer hardware and software suppliers

a provider of call-centre hardware and software



electronic or mechanical equipment:

suppliers of machinery, trucks, hardware and other items

1. The generic term dealing with physical items as distinguished from its capability or function such as equipment, tools, implements, instruments, devices, sets, fittings, trimmings, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and parts.
The term is often used in regard to the stage of development, as in the passage of a device or component from the design stage into the hardware stage as the finished object.
2. In data automation, the physical equipment or devices forming a computer and peripheral components.
See also software.


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  1. we deal in hardware but not software.
  2. a dau hardware block diagram is shown in fig.3.
  3. mr. harper bought out a nearby hardware store.
  4. special instrumentation and test hardware are required.
  5. most manufacturers of hardware have a library of programs.

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