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1. hang uphang up sth to end a telephone conversation by putting the part of the telephone that you speak into back in its usual place:
She said "I'll be there in a minute" and hung up.
+ on
Listen, I'm really sorry. Don't hang up on me!
hang up the phone
He hung up the phone feeling angry and upset.
2. hang up sthhang sth up to hang things such as clothes on a hook or other object:
Marlow hung up his coat and went through into his office.
His wife had always ironed his shirts, polished his shoes, and hung up his clothes for him. How would he survive without her?
3. hang up sthhang sth up if someone hangs up the equipment they use to do a job, sport etc, they stop doing the job or sport after doing it for a long time:
After 25 years in the police force he finally decided to hang up his badge and take early retirement.
Lee Trevino says he has no plans to hang up his spikes. (=shoes he uses for playing golf)
4. be hung up on/about sth informal to be very worried about or interested in something and spend a lot of time thinking about it, especially when this seems unreasonable:
Like most teenagers I was hung up about my weight and was permanently on a diet.
get hung up on/about sth
Why do men get so hung up on the size of their car's engine?
hang-up n C if you have a hang-up about something, you feel unreasonably worried or embarrassed about it:
He has a hang-up about his nose. He thinks it's abnormally big.
All parents want their children to grow up happy, balanced and free from hang-ups.
5. hang sb/sth uphang up sb/sth usually passive AmE to delay someone or something:
Sorry we're late. We got a late start and then traffic on 84 hung us up a little.
6. hang it up AmE to stop doing a particular activity or type of work:
One day in 1986, Fred went into the boss's office and announced: "I'm hanging it up."
7. be hung up on sb AmE informal to be very attracted to someone and not be able to change your feelings about them:
"Shannon still seems to be hung up on Jeff." "Yeah, I guess it's only been five weeks since they broke up."
SIMILAR TO: be stuck on sb AmE informal

[American idiom]
to replace the telephone receiver.
If you have called a wrong number, you should apologize before you hang up.
When you hear the busy signal, you're supposed to hang up.

[American slang]
1. and hang up (in someone's ear) to end a telephone call by returning the receiver to the cradle while the other party is still talking.
  She hung up on me!
  I had to hang up on all that rude talk.
2. to give up on someone or something; to quit dealing with someone or something.
  Finally, I had to hang up on Jeff. I can't depend on him for anything.
  We hung up on them because we knew we couldn't make a deal.


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  1. he sympathized and started to hang up.
  2. but that hangs up your plans a little.
  3. you hang up hurriedly and attend to the baby. meanwhile, the meal gets burnt.
  4. they hang up the plants and herbs they use, so that the patients can see them.
  5. so he bade farewell to his parents, hang up his hunter's wallet and gun, and set off.

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