hamlet meaning

Pronunciation:   "hamlet" in a sentence
Noun: hamlet  hamlut
  1. A community of people smaller than a village
    - crossroads 
  2. A settlement smaller than a town
    - village
Noun: Hamlet  hamlut
  1. The hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy who hoped to avenge the murder of his father

Derived forms: hamlets

Type of: character, community, fictional character, fictitious character, settlement

Encyclopedia: Hamlet, Indiana Hamlet, NC Hamlet, NE Hamlet Hamlet, IN Hamlet, In Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Hamlet, Prinz von Dänemark Hamlet, Rhode Island Hamlet, Nebraska Hamlet, New York Hamlet, North Carolina


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  1. i thought he did hamlet superbly.
  2. hamlet was disillusioned in his mother.
  3. he must sojourn in villages and hamlets.
  4. hamlet had gone too far to leave off here.
  5. i once saw him playing hamlet.

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