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Noun: ground wave  grawnd weyv
  1. A radio wave propagated on or near the earth's surface

Derived forms: ground waves

Type of: radio emission, radio radiation, radio wave

Encyclopedia: Ground wave

In wireless communications and broadcasting, an electromagnetic (EM) wave that consists of three distinct components: the direct wave (also called the line-of-sight wave), the reflected wave, and the surface wave. The direct wave is significant only when the transmitting and receiving antennas are connected by a line through free space without obstructions. The reflected wave, after returning from the earth’s surface or a human made structure, combines with the direct wave (if any) at the receiving antenna. The surface wave travels in electrical contact with the earth. This occurs only with vertically polarized EM fields at frequencies below about 15 MHz. Below about 300 kHz, the surface wave propagates for hundreds or even thousands of miles. Sometimes the surface wave is called the ground wave.


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  1. signal processor is a important part of high frequency ground wave over-the-horizon radar
  2. in this project high frequency ground wave soft radar ( hfgwsr ) uses software radio technology to control radar functional mode
  3. during the near three decades, high-frequency ground wave radar detecting for sea has been regarded for its high performance by many countries
  4. Ground waves " do not " include tropospheric waves.
  5. AM broadcasting stations use ground waves to cover their listening areas.

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