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Noun: ground tackle  grawnd 'takul
  1. A mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving
    - anchor

Derived forms: ground tackles

Type of: claw, hook

Part of: vessel, watercraft

Encyclopedia: Ground tackle


  1. Manchester United defender Jaap Stam was not in the Dutch lineup after injuring an ankle in a training ground tackle with Dutch assistant coach Johan Neeskens.
  2. She was, in fact, one of the few ships which stayed at her berth during the storm, her ground tackle holding well in the sticky clay bottom.
  3. During his spell at Sheffield United, Webster broke his leg in two places, an injury re-inflicted by a training-ground tackle by Julian Dicks within weeks of joining West Ham United.
  4. Many a poor mariner, with his sails blown away, ground tackle gone, leaking badly, heavily iced up, food lockers empty, or perhaps out of his reckoning, sights the revenue cutter in the distance bearing down upon him, and experiences feelings which a landsman cannot understand.
  5. Examples include maintenance and upkeep of the ship, handling of the ship's rigging and ground tackle, coordination of underway replenishment operations, conductance of rating ( e . g . job or vocation ), are normally the most junior sailors on board and are usually sent to the Deck Department for their first assignment.

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