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A switch for grounding an outside antenna during idle periods. Also called lightning switch. Ideally, antennas should be disconnected from equipment, as well as grounded, when not in use.
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  1. Points or signals worked from a ground switch panel are usually electrically operated.
  2. While he is on the ground, Alfred can walk, jump, and peck balloons and ground switches.
  3. The modern equivalent of a ground frame, with switches instead of levers, is called a " Ground Switch Panel ( GSP ) ".
  4. Besides, XD Group first developed and stored relevant technologies of AC 1100 kV and DC �800 kV Extreme High Voltage products in China, provided such products as 1000 kV GIS, reactors, capacitor voltage transformers, lightning arresters, ground switches, insulator, etc ., for the megavolt model line  Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-Jingmen Pilot Project and such products as transformers, valves, capacitor, lightning arresters, etc ., for the megavolt model line  Yunnan-Guangzhou �800 kV Extreme High Voltage DC Transmission Project.
  5. Its leading products include 110 kV and above voltage level of high voltage switches ( GIS, GCB, isolating switches, ground switches ), transformers ( power transformers, converter transformers ), reactors ( smoothing reactors �shunt reactors ) �power condensers �instrument transformers ( CVT, CT, PT ), insulators ( power substation electric porcelain products �composite insulator products ), cannula, zinc oxide arresters, direct current transportation valves, etc . China XD Group is the production base of high voltage, extra high voltage and extreme high voltage AC / DC power transmission and distribution equipment and other electrical products.

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