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  • [Architecture]

    The horizontal plane of projection in a perspective drawing; the horizontal plane upon which the object in the drawing rests.

  • [Electronics]
    1. A metal plate or a system of horizontal rods or wires mounted high on a mast, at the base of a vertical antenna, to provide a radio-frequency ground at a point several wavelengths above the surface of the earth. Also see GROUND-PLANE ANTENNA.
    2. In noise and interference tests, a sheet metal structure used to simulate the skin of an aircraft or missile.
    3. On a circuit board, a thin metallic sheet, usually bound to the underside, that serves as a common ground and RF shield.


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  1. the ground plane should extend far enough ahead of and behind the model so that no local disturbances are introduced.
  2. analysis of signal integrity of high-speed interconnects on meshed ground plane
  3. simulation of water pulse forming line switch with prepulse suppression ground plane
  4. shielding ground planes are provided for the isolation of devices to prevent electromagnetic interference
  5. ground plane : a conductive plane as a common ground reference in a multilayer pcb for current returns of the circuit elements and shielding

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