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A bus to which grounds, 3 from individual pieces of equipment are connected; the bus, in turn, is connected to the ground at one or more points.

A conductor connected to an earth ground, and to which devices in a system are individually connected. The common ground points (e.g., chassis) of the individual devices are not directly connected to each other, so ground loops are avoided. This scheme minimizes the probability of ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE to or from the system. Compare GROUND LOOP.



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  1. Aren't some neutral wires actually attached to the ground buss in the panel ? ( Not in Canada)
  2. The station also has an above-ground Bus Plaza for rail passengers to transfer to / from their bus routes.
  3. The center row of contacts are all connected to the common ground bus and attached to the odd numbered conductors of the cable.
  4. The hazard was eliminated from later sets by the use of an internal ground bus connected to the chassis by an isolation network.
  5. To reduce the possibility of CSST lightning damage : 1 ) Yellow-jacketed CSST should be bonded ( connected to the electrical service panel s ground bus ) at its entrance into a building.

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