ground brush meaning

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An oval or round paintbrush used for covering large areas.

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  1. The palmettos, vines and ground brush have taken over from the pines and stretch for miles.
  2. Van Westendorp estimated ground brush was burned away over 1 . 5 hectares ( 3 . 7 acres ).
  3. It is possible to walk through four distinct ecosystems in the park : land covered by secondary growth, firm ground brush, sandbanks and degraded areas that were illegally cleared in 1989 . It also has an amphitheater for 600 people, gardens planted with medicinal and aromatic herbs, orchid nursery, aerial trails and signs aiming to develop environmental education programs.
  4. The tools and appliances of the painter are mixing pots, paint kettles to hold the color for the painter at work, strainer, palette knife, scraping knife, hacking, stopping and chisel knives, the hammer, sponge, pumice, blow-lamp for burning off, and a variety of brushes, such as the duster, the ground brush, the tool, the distemper brush, the fitch and camel-hair pencil for picking out small parts and lines, the sable and flogger for gilding, the stippler; for grained work several steel graining combs with coarse and fine teeth, graining brush of hogs'hair, pencil over-grainer, and other special shaped brushes used to obtain the peculiar characteristics of different woods.

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