groom meaning

Pronunciation:   "groom" in a sentence
Verb: groom  groom
  1. Educate for a future role or function
    "He is grooming his son to become his successor"
    - prepare, train 
  2. Give a neat appearance to
    "groom the dogs"
    - dress, curry 
  3. Care for one's external appearance
    "He is always well-groomed"
    - neaten
Noun: groom  groom
  1. A man participant in his own marriage ceremony
    - bridegroom 
  2. Someone employed in a stable to take care of the horses
    - stableman, stableboy, hostler, ostler 
  3. A man who has recently been married
    - bridegroom

Sounds like: grume

Derived forms: groomed, grooming, grooms

See also: grooming

Type of: beautify, educate, embellish, fancify, hand, hired hand, hired man, honeymooner, newlywed, participant, prettify

Part of: wedding, wedding party

Encyclopedia: Groom Groom, TX Groom, Texas


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  1. did the bride and groom get loaded, too?
  2. all brought fine gifts for the bride and groom.
  3. the reins and the breeches of the groom are glittering white.
  4. plender end wilcox became joint grooms of the chambers.
  5. i acted in the capacity of backer, or best man, to the bride groom.

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