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Noun: green spleenwort
  1. A small fern with slim green fronds; widely distributed in cool parts of northern hemisphere
    - Asplenium viride

Type of: spleenwort


  1. Green spleenwort ( " Asplenium viride " ) is found on limestone outcrops.
  2. Green spleenwort, has pinnate leaves with a green midrib which distinguishes it from the crevices.
  3. Beinn a'Ghl� has such a diversity of flora that it has been declared a Carex rupestris ) " and green spleenwort " ( Asplenium viride ) ".
  4. Specimens found growing in a very shaded environment, which lacked color in the rachis and were simply pinnate, have been mistaken for green spleenwort ( " A . platyneuron ".
  5. The shallow soils that have developed on ledges and crevices in the limestone and on the scree slopes support a vegetation in which ferns such as maidenhair spleenwort, " Asplenium trichomanes ", green spleenwort, " A . viride ", and brittle bladder fern, " Cystopteris fragilis ", are prominent.

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