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Noun: green soap  green sowp
  1. A soft (or liquid) soap made from vegetable oils; used in certain skin diseases
    - soft soap

Derived forms: green soaps

Type of: soap

n : a soft soap made from vegetable oils and used esp. in the treatment of skin diseases
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  1. it may be coloured with chlorophyll or not more than 0 . 015 % of a suitable green soap dye
  2. I did . . . just before I hightailed it to Woolworth's and blew the whole $ 1 . 75 on candles and green soap.
  3. The stone buildings that form Taybet Zaman's " village " include guest rooms with nary a right angle in sight, equipped with well-stocked minibars and ecologically correct touches such as vegetable-green soap wrapped in corrugated cardboard containers that look like Frank Gehry's furniture.

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