greaser meaning

Pronunciation:   "greaser" in a sentence
  • Noun: greaser  greesur
    Usage: US, offensive
    1. (ethnic slur) a person of Mexican descent

    Derived forms: greasers

    Type of: Mexican

    Encyclopedia: Greaser

  • [American slang]
    n. a rough and aggressive male, usually with long, greased-down hair.
    • Who's the greaser who just swaggered in?
    • Donna has been going out with a real greaser.


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  1. how is that greaser of yours up on osterman's stock range?
  2. move, will ya, you iazy bunch of greasers
  3. and say the one : i seen you up faithful place with your squarepusher, the greaser off the railway, in his cometobed hat
  4. Its part instead was as facilitator, a greaser of wheels.
  5. Free-agent kicker Jaret Greaser of Texas Tech was waived.

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