grave hardship meaning

(in divorce proceedings) If a divorce petition is based on a five-year separation, the respondent may oppose the grant of the decree nisi on the ground that the dissolution of the marriage will result in grave financial or other hardship and that it would be wrong in all the circumstances to dissolve the marriage. Such applications rarely succeed. See also DIVORCE.


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  1. Roadblocks and travel restrictions create grave hardships for many Palestinians.
  2. The sanctions ARE causing grave hardship in Iraq.
  3. Despite grave hardships, life in the Warsaw Ghetto was rich with educational and cultural activities, conducted by its underground organizations.
  4. The Irish Nurses Organisation described the public servant pay decrease as " grossly unfair, short-sighted, damaging and provocative " and would lead to " grave hardship ".
  5. Despite such grave hardships-- or because of them-- a handful of resilient, resolved Polish Jews confined to the Warsaw Ghetto did take on the Germans, capturing their guns and ammunition and turning them on the stunned soldiers.

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