grantee meaning

[ grɑ:n'ti: ] Pronunciation:   "grantee" in a sentence
Noun: grantee  grãn'tee
  1. A recipient of a grant 
  2. Someone to whom the title of property is transferred
    - alienee

Derived forms: grantees

See also: grant

Type of: receiver, recipient

AmE / noun [C]


a person who receives an amount of money (a grant) to pay for research, a project, etc:

Grantees that meet certain standards will receive extra funding.

These grantees have received a total of 4 300 research grants and 1 606 travel grants.

2 (Law )

a person who receives the right to own a particular property or an area of land

See note at EMPLOYER


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  1. confers ownership-like capabilities on the grantee
  2. enables the grantee to impersonate the login
  3. means that the grantee is a group account
  4. enables the grantee to impersonate the user
  5. enables the grantee to access metadata

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