go with meaning

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Verb: go with
  1. Be present or associated with an event or entity
    "fish usually goes with white wine"
    - attach to, accompany, come with 
  2. Go or occur together
    - collocate with, construe with, cooccur with, co-occur with

Derived forms: gone with, went with, goes with, going with

See also: go

[American slang]
to depart in the company of someone or a group.
  Jim's not here. He went with the last busload.
  I'm leaving now. Do you want to go with?
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  1. "we'll go with you," said the old man.
  2. i need a top to go with these slacks.
  3. the boys i go with are nice fellows.
  4. anyway i 'm free now. let me go with you.
  5. i will go with you as far as the ford.

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