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  • 1. go down sth to move along a street, passage etc in order to get somewhere:
    If you go down the street and turn right, you'll see the station in front of you.
    I went down the corridor and knocked on the staffroom door.
    2. go downgo down sth to go to a particular place near where you live, or the one that you usually go to:
    + to
    Why don't we go down to the town this afternoon?
    The kids have gone down to the river.
    go down the shops/pub/village etc especially spoken
    I thought I'd go down the shops with Doreen.
    My Dad always used to go down the pub after dinner.
    3. go down to visit or travel to a place - use this especially when the place is further south or is in the country:
    At weekends, Wright used to go down and stay with his father in Mississippi.
    + to
    Three days a week Kate went down to Camberwell to teach at the School of Arts and Crafts.
    OPPOSITE: go up
    4. go down to reach as far as a particular point or place
    + to
    The road doesn't go down to the beach - we'll have to walk from here.
    It was a beautiful light room, with windows that went down to the ground.
    SIMILAR TO: reach
    5. go down if a price or the level of something goes down, it becomes lower:
    The price of fruit goes down in the summer, when there's plenty of it about.
    In parts of the country, the level of violent crime has been going down.
    + to
    When I came out of hospital, my weight had gone down to eight stone.
    SIMILAR TO: drop, decrease
    OPPOSITE: go up
    6. go down BrE if the standard or quality of something goes down, it becomes worse:
    The standard of the food in the canteen has gone down a lot recently.
    things have gone down
    Things have really gone down at the school since the old head teacher left.
    SIMILAR TO: deteriorate formal, go downhill
    7. go down if a computer goes down, or the telephone lines go down, they stop working because of a fault:
    Make sure you save all your work on screen, just in case the computers go down.
    The lines had gone down in the storm, and we were cut off for days.
    8. go down well/badly etc if something that someone says or does goes down well, badly etc people react to it well or badly etc:
    The band's given several performances around the country and they went down really well.
    I could see at once that my comments had gone down badly.
    9. go down well/nicely etc spoken if food or drink goes down well, nicely etc you enjoy eating or drinking it:
    A long cold drink would go down very nicely, thank you.
    10. go down when the sun goes down at the end of the day, it gradually gets lower in the sky until it disappears:
    It was six o'clock, and the sun was going down for the day.
    SIMILAR TO: set
    OPPOSITE: come up, rise
    11. go down to fall to the ground, especially because of an accident or injury:
    The leading horse went down at the last jump.
    They were doing well until their best player went down with a badly sprained left ankle.
    SIMILAR TO: fall down
    12. go down on your knees/on all fours to get into a kneeling position, or in a position with your hands and knees on the floor:
    Did he go down on his knees and ask you to marry him?
    I quickly went down on all fours and started to crawl towards the door.
    SIMILAR TO: get down on your knees/on all fours
    13. go down if a ship or boat goes down, it sinks:
    Then our small boat began to go down and we found ourselves in the river.
    The Titanic went down in 1912 in mid-Atlantic.
    SIMILAR TO: sink
    14. go down if a plane goes down, it crashes to the ground:
    Gessler and his crew lost their lives when their aircraft went down between Lampedusa and Malta.
    SIMILAR TO: crash
    15. the lights go down if lights go down in a theatre, cinema etc, they are turned off or made less bright so that the show can begin:
    The lights went down as the orchestra started to play.
    16. go down especially BrE to lose a game against another team or player
    + to/against
    At Wimbledon, Lleyton Hewitt went down 6-4, 7-5 to Greg Rusedski.
    United went down 2-0 against Bolton.
    SIMILAR TO: lose
    17. go down BrE to move down to a lower group of teams or players who play against each other:
    London Scottish have to win three of the remaining four matches if they want to be sure of not going down.
    + to
    At the end of the season, five clubs went down to the second division.
    SIMILAR TO: be relegated
    OPPOSITE: go upBrE
    18. go down if a tyre, balloon etc goes down, the air goes out of it:
    It looks like the front tyre has gone down - I'll have to pump it up.
    SIMILAR TO: deflate formal
    OPPOSITE: inflateformal
    19. go down if a swelling goes down, it disappears. A swelling is an area on your skin which has become bigger because of an injury, illness, or infection:
    If you rest your leg, the swelling should go down soon.
    The dentist said it'll take a few hours before my face goes down again.
    OPPOSITE: swell up
    20. go down BrE informal to be sent to prison:
    It was a horrible crime and the boys involved deserved to go down.
    go down for life/10 years etc
    Scott's wanted for murder. If they catch him, he'll go down for life.
    SIMILAR TO: be sent to prison, be sent down BrE informal
    21. go down BrE old-fashioned to leave university after you have finished studying there or at the end of a term. A term is one of the periods into which the school year is divided.:
    The students have gone down for Easter.
    + from
    Brian got a job in the City of London when he went down from Oxford.
    SIMILAR TO: come down BrE old-fashioned
    OPPOSITE: go upBrE old-fashioned
    22. go down AmE informal to happen:
    I'll never understand exactly what went down the night my husband left me.
    SIMILAR TO: happen
    23. what's going down? AmE informal used as a greeting when you meet someone:
    Hey buddy! What's going down?
    SIMILAR TO: how are you?
    24. go down informal to touch someone's sexual organs with your mouth and tongue in order to give them pleasure
    + on
    an explicit shot of the artist going down on his girlfriend
    SIMILAR TO: perform oral sex

  • [American slang]
    to be recorded for history as a significant person or event.
       You will go down in history as the most stubborn woman who ever lived.
      She will go down as a very famous woman.


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  1. that speech will go down in history.
  2. once she did go down with him to the lands.
  3. he's not going to let it go down the drain now.
  4. mind the steps when you go down into the cellar.
  5. our labor costs did not go down accordingly.

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