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1. go at sth informal if you go at something in a particular way, you start to do it or deal with it in that way, especially with a lot of energy or enthusiasm
go at it
The women all seemed to really enjoy their work, and went at it with great enthusiasm and cheerfulness.
SIMILAR TO: tackle
2. go at sb informal to start to fight, attack, or argue with someone:
Sophie went at him with a kitchen knife.
We'd had to listen to the two of them going at each other all afternoon.
SIMILAR TO: attack

[American slang]
v. 1. To start to fight with; attack. The dog and the cat are going at each other again. 2. To make a beginning on; approach; tackle. How are you going to go at the job of fixing the roof?
Compare: START IN.
Synonym: GO ABOUT1.
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  1. i will have a go at mending your bike today.
  2. your name and address go at the top.
  3. take it easy ! do n't go at it so hard!
  4. either be there on time, or do n't go at all.
  5. that 's enough. let it go at that.

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