gnoseology meaning

  "gnoseology" in a sentence
or gnōsiolˈogy noun
  The philosophy of knowledge


  1. His " Introduction to Epistemology " was the first book of this kind who had a European level, after the period in which the only epistemology was the Marxist Leninist " gnoseology ".
  2. (Based on excerpt from Epicurus'Gnoseology " Handbook of Greek Philosophy : From Thales to the Stoics Analysis and Fragments ", Nikolaos Bakalis, Trafford Publishing 2005, ISBN 1-4120-4843-5)
  3. As synthetic philosopher and dialectician he tries to merge primary philosophic doctrines : in gnoseology, empirism and rationalism; in metaphysics, monadology and substantialism; in ontology and methodology, dialectics and metaphysics ( in Hegel's sense ); science and religion, science and speculation and others.
  4. Nevertheless, the conditions for creative philosophical work began to emerge in the mid-1950s, after the 20th Congress of the CPSU in 1956, albeit only on the'outskirts'of philosophy : the philosophy of the natural science ( B . Kedrov, I . Frolov ), theory of perception and gnoseology ( P . Kopnin, V . Lektorsky, Y . Lotman, who set up the Sign Systems Studies journal, the oldest semiotics periodical; V . Sadovsky ).
  5. He published his thesis " Contributions � l'histoire de la philosophie linguistique indienne " ( " Contributions to the History of Indian Linguistic Philosophy " ) in 1959 . He received a second doctorate in linguistics from the Sorbonne in Paris, where his thesis was " La th�orie du tath�gatagarbha et du gotra : �tudes sur la sot�riologie et la gnos�ologie du bouddhisme " ( " The Theory of Gotra and Tath�gatagarbha : A Study of the Soteriology and Gnoseology of Buddhism " ), with a second half thesis on Bu Rin chen grub's approach to tath�gatagarbha.

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