gnomonics meaning

  "gnomonics" in a sentence
singular noun (historical)
  The art of measuring time by the sundial


  1. He worked in a wide range of mathematical fields, including practical geometry, arithmetic, optics, gnomonics, astronomy and instrumentalism.
  2. There he lived for fourteen years, engaged in mathematics and in physical experiments, and publishing his work on gnomonics and perspective.
  3. The Sunquest Sundial has been featured in several other publications, including " Sundials : The Art and Science of Gnomonics ", " Scientific American " and " Sundials : Their Theory and Construction ".
  4. In 1760 he published " " La Gnomonique pratique ou l Art de tracer les cadrans solaires " " under the patronage of the Jean-Paul Grandjean de Fouchy, Secretary of the Academy of Sciences and an authority in gnomonics and sundials.

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