gnomic utterance meaning

adj. (formal)

a moralizing remark, usually containing a proverb, that seems clever but is often difficult to understand: A 'gnomic poem' is one full of proverbs and axioms.'Curiosity killed the cat' and 'Too many cooks spoil the broth' (= soup) are gnomic statements for some people.


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  1. We are in a land of gnomic utterance.
  2. Also per usual is the presence of a central figure who is struggling against this hostile, cosmically comic environment and is given to gnomic utterances.
  3. Mick " China " Rose starts up a medical courier service with associate Choe Ashton, who's given to erratic behavior and gnomic utterances.
  4. Overseeing this and other shadowy business is Hawthorne, a former presidential candidate given to gnomic utterances and the power to look into men's hearts.

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