gnomic aorist meaning

  "gnomic aorist" in a sentence
noun (grammar)
  A past tense of the Greek verb, used in proverbs, etc, for what once happened and is generally true


  1. The gnomic aorist is thought to derive ( as the English example does ) from the summation of a common story ( such as the moral of a fable ).
  2. A gnomic aorist ( the most common of the three usages ) likewise expresses the tendency for certain events to occur under given circumstances and is used to express general maxims.
  3. This type of use can be distinguished from some other, more marginal types of uses of the aorist where the English translation would be in a different tense ( such as the " gnomic aorist " ) on the one hand, and from past tense situations where Greek would use the imperfect and English would use a past progressive ( as in " John " was reading " the newspaper when suddenly the telephone rang " ) on the other hand . ( But I agree that the Language desk would probably be a better forum for continuing this, if you have more questions . ) < & 08 : 06, 4 August 2013 ( UTC)

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