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  1. The vascular tissue contains vessel elements and in at least some taxa resembles that of the Gnetophyta.
  2. Sperm cells of Pinophyta and Gnetophyta are without flagella, and are carried by the pollen tube, while those of Cycadophyta and Ginkgophyta have many flagella.
  3. "' Gnetophyta "'is a division of plants, grouped within the gymnosperms ( which also includes conifers, cycads, and ginkgos ), that consists of some 70 species across the three families, each containing a single genus, are still alive today.
  4. Recent research by Lee EK, Cibrian-Jaramillo A, " et al . " ( 2011 ) suggests that the Gnetophyta are a sister group to the rest of the gymnosperms, contradicting the anthophyte hypothesis, which held that gnetophytes were sister to the flowering plants.
  5. In contrast, another of his scientific ideas has been disproven by later modern research  the idea of a direct ancestry of the " centrosperms " ( approximately equal to Caryophyllales ) from the gymnospermous Gnetophyta and, hence, two separate evolutionary lineages within the flowering plants.

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