glycoside meaning

Pronunciation:   "glycoside" in a sentence
Noun: glycoside  'glIku`sId
  1. A group of compounds derived from monosaccharides

Derived forms: glycosides

Type of: organic compound

Encyclopedia: Glycoside

n : any of numerous sugar derivatives that contain a nonsugar group attached through an oxygen or nitrogen bond and that on hydrolysis yield a sugar (as glucose) — gly·co·sid·ic adj — gly·co·sid·i·cal·ly adv


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  1. digitalis glycosides are potent inhibitors of a fundamental and vital ion transport process, common to most cells.
  2. steroidal glycosides from the stems of stephanotis mucronata
  3. studies on the phenol glycoside constituents of ligustrum sinense
  4. a novel diterpene glycoside from the soft coral lemnalia bournei
  5. blood lipid-regulation of stilbene glycoside from polygonum multiflorum

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