glucosuria meaning

Pronunciation:   "glucosuria" in a sentence
Noun: glucosuria  `glookowsyû'reeu
  1. The presence of abnormally high levels of glucose in the urine

Derived forms: glucosurias

Type of: glycosuria

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  1. The rest is excreted in the urine ( glucosuria ).
  2. Small amounts of glucose in the urine ( mild glucosuria ) may occur intermittently in this disorder.
  3. If glucose is not reabsorbed by the kidney, it appears in the urine, in a condition known as glucosuria.
  4. The results are decreased kidney reabsorption of glucose, glucosuria effect increases with higher level of glucose in the blood circulation.
  5. Glucose in urine is called glucosuria and can be indicative of diabetes mellitus, but the test is not recommended or used for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

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