gift meaning

[ gift ] Pronunciation:   "gift" in a sentence
  • Noun: gift  gift
    1. Something acquired without compensation 
    2. Natural abilities or qualities
      - endowment, talent, natural endowment 
    3. The act of giving
      - giving
    Verb: gift  gift
    1. Give qualities or abilities to
      - endow, indue, empower, invest, endue 
    2. Give as a present; make a gift of
      - give, present

    Derived forms: gifted, gifting, gifts

    Type of: acquisition, enable, natural ability, share-out, sharing

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  • [Business]
    noun, verb

    noun [C]



    a thing, an amount of money, etc. that you give to sb:

    We are not allowed to accept gifts from clients.

    Thank you for your generous gift.

    2 (Law )

    property or money that is given to sb and recognized as a present in law:

    She made a gift of her property to charity.

    3 (informal) [usually sing.]

    a thing that is very easy to do or cheap to buy:

    At €17 a share, this stock is a gift.

    verb [+ obj]

    to give money or property to sb, especially in order to help them financially:

    The government had gifted the company more than $1 billion in loans and support.

    Gifting shares to a charity can be highly tax efficient.

  • [Economics]
    The transfer of an asset from one person to another for no consideration. Gifts have importance for tax purposes; if they are sufficiently large they may give rise to charges under inheritance tax if given within seven years prior to death.


    potentially exempt transfer.

  • [Finance]
    Property, money or asset that one person transfers to another while receiving nothing in return.

  • [Law]
    n. A gratuitous transfer or grant of property. A legally valid gift must normally be effected by deed, by physical delivery in the case of chattels, or by donatiomortis causa; the donor must intend ownership to pass as a gift. However, an imperfect gift (i.e.one for which the legal formalities have not been observed) may be treated as valid in equity in certain circumstances (see, for example, (PROPRIETARY) ESTOPPEL). A gift by will takes effect only on the death of the testator.


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  1. i send you this gift as a mark of esteem ..
  2. the child has musical talent [a gift for music].
  3. the young cheap-jack had got the gift of gab.
  4. they pressed gifts on their benefactors.
  5. we accepted a princely gift, sum.

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