get a rough idea meaning

  • [American idiom]
    to receive a general idea; to receive an estimate. {Got can be replaced with have.)
    I need to get a rough idea of how many people will be there.
    I don't need to know exactly. Just get a rough idea.
    Judy has got a rough idea about who'll be there.
    I have a rough idea. That's good enough.


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  1. we can get a rough idea of the metals to light by making a few gross simplifying assumptions.
  2. You can get a rough idea by filling out worksheets on the Internet.
  3. :: You can do an eBay search to get a rough idea.
  4. However, these translations are useful to get a rough idea of the original document.
  5. You can get a rough idea for free, using calculators supplied on the Internet by mutual fund families.

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