gerent meaning

Pronunciation:   "gerent" in a sentence
/jēˈrənt or jerˈ/ (rare)
  A controller, ruler
  ORIGIN: L gerēns, -entis, prp of gerere to manage


  1. The name Gerrans derives from " Gerent ", an 8th-century Cornish saint.
  2. He was very tall and obese : behind his back he was known as " The Great Belly-Gerent ".
  3. The manor of "'Tregear "'belonged to the Bishops of Exeter in mediaeval times and Gerent may have had a castle ( Dingerein or Dinurrin ) here.
  4. On Thursday, June 10, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Archbishop Luigi Moretti, until then the vice-gerent of the Vicariate of Rome, as Archbishop, succeeding Archbishop Gerardo Pierro.
  5. Firstly, Islam transformed the notion of kingship so that the Sultan was no longer viewed as divine, but as God's " Khalifah " ( vice-gerent on earth ).

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