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Noun: Gerbera jamesonii
  1. Widely cultivated South African perennial having flower heads with orange to flame-coloured rays
    - Barberton daisy, Transvaal daisy

Type of: African daisy

Part of: genus Gerbera, Gerbera

Encyclopedia: Gerbera jamesonii


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  1. influence of s-3307 on fresh-keeping of cut flowers of gerbera jamesonii bolus
  2. effect of different preservatives on gerbera jamesonii cut flowers
  3. effects of preservatives with paelobu trazol on fresh keeping of cut gerbera jamesonii
  4. the physiological and antistaling effects of antistaling agent upon the cut flowers of gerbera jamesonii bolus
  5. The history of Gerbera jamesonii is in its common names : veldt, Transvaal or Barberton daisy.

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