geranium meaning

Pronunciation:   "geranium" in a sentence
Noun: geranium  ji'reyneeum
  1. Any of numerous plants of the family Geraniaceae

Derived forms: geraniums

Type of: herb, herbaceous plant

Part of: family Geraniaceae, Geraniaceae, geranium family

Encyclopedia: Geranium

A plant genus of the family GERANIACEAE. Geranium is also used as a common name for PELARGONIUM.


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  1. she thought, their eyes like the balanced basins, the circles of "ornamental water", set, in parterres, among the geraniums.
  2. rose geranium, patchouli, rose absolute, neroli
  3. lavender, rose geranium, chamomile roman
  4. essential oils-oil of geranium pelargonium x asperum ehrhart ex willdenow
  5. susan : the geraniums are lovely

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