genus meaning

Pronunciation:   "genus" in a sentence
Noun: genus (genera)  jeenus
  1. A general kind of something
    "ignore the genus communism" 
  2. (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species

Derived forms: genera

See also: generic

Type of: form, kind, sort, taxon, taxonomic category, taxonomic group, variety

Part of: family

Encyclopedia: Genus

n pl gen·era : a class, kind, or group marked by common characteristics or by one common characteristic; specif : a category of biological classification ranking between the family and the species, comprising structurally or phylogenetically related species or an isolated species exhibiting unusual differentiation, and being designated by a Latin or latinized capitalized singular noun


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  1. it inhabits a larger area than the megascolecid genus pheretinca.
  2. in the ancient genus descent was limited to the female line.
  3. he allowed these "enucleated" eggs to be fertilized by sperm from sea urchins of the genus echinus.
  4. the difficulty in distinguishing variable species is largely due to the varieties mocking, as it were, other species of the same genus.
  5. two species of genus scapania hepaticae; scapaniaceae new to china

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