game show meaning

[ 'geim ʃəu ]   "game show" in a sentence
Noun: game show
  1. A television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards
    - giveaway

Derived forms: game shows

Type of: broadcast, program, programme [Brit, Cdn]

Encyclopedia: Game show

  • for show:    1. For the sake of ...
  • no show:    [American slang]n. ...
  • no-show:    Noun: no-show  ...


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  1. hong kong took part in tokyo game show 2002
  2. girls of the tokyo game show 2006 fish tycoon
  3. fish tycoon girls of the tokyo game show 2006
  4. the game show is boring . he can not stand it
  5. introduction : before the game carefully look at the game shows

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