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Noun: game licence
Usage: Brit, Cdn (=game license)
  1. A licence authorizing the bearer to kill a certain type of animal during a specified period of time
    - hunting license [N. Amer], hunting licence [Brit, Cdn], hunting permit, game license [N. Amer]

Derived forms: game licences

Type of: licence [Brit, Cdn], license [N. Amer], permit


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  1. The act also established the need for game licences and the appointing of gamekeepers.
  2. Acquired game licences which they intend to build upon include " Egypt ".
  3. A single small game licence may cover all small game species and be subject to yearly bag limits.
  4. Under New York state law, it is unlawful to profit from promoting a poker game without the appropriate gaming licences.
  5. Sambar deer are protected wildlife game species in Victoria and New South Wales, and a game licence is required to hunt them.

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