fungus genus meaning

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Noun: fungus genus
  1. Includes lichen genera

Type of: genus

Part of: Fungi, fungus kingdom, kingdom Fungi


  1. It is in the " Caloplaca " fungus genus of the Teloschistaceae family.
  2. Subbarow's colleague, George Hitchings said, " Some of the nucleotides isolated by Subbarow had to be rediscovered years later by other workers because Fiske, apparently out of jealousy, did not let Subbarow's contributions see the light of the day . " A fungus genus was named " Subbaromyces " in his honor.
  3. The wall of the fruiting body is made of a single uniform layer of closely interwoven hyphae ( the threadlike filaments that form the mycelium ) roughly 0 . 25 0 . 5 mm thick; this wall structure is in contrast to species from the bird's nest fungus genus " Cyathus ", which have a distinctly three-layered wall.

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