fungus family meaning

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Noun: fungus family
  1. Includes lichen families

Type of: family

Part of: Fungi, fungus kingdom, kingdom Fungi


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  1. Molds are a member of the fungus family, and can be found wherever there is moisture and oxygen.
  2. The seeds from the fungus family are called spores, which can give rise to new mold growth and more spores.
  3. He and his colleagues are examining a smaller portion of the fungus family but are including many more lichen-forming species.
  4. The seeds from the fungus family are called spores, and when inhaled, can cause a runny nose, and may even reach the lungs.
  5. But it is the crucial sexual phase that allows researchers to identify a fungus definitively and place it in its proper spot on the fungus family tree.

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