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Noun: functional illiterate  'fúngkshunul i'liturut
  1. A person with some ability to read and write but not enough for daily practical needs

Derived forms: functional illiterates

Type of: illiterate, illiterate person, nonreader


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  1. We now have the largest number of functional illiterates in the industrialized world . . ..
  2. Face it : Too many children come out of grammar schools and go right into high school as functional illiterates.
  3. A functional illiterate, le Cor was, however, tall, fair and handsome; everything Loti wanted to be.
  4. The answer, Oliver said, was the NCAA's concern that functional illiterates were attending colleges and universities in order to play football and basketball.
  5. But those who fail to own computers and familiarize themselves with them on the job and at home may be as socially crippled tomorrow as functional illiterates are today.

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