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A neurosurgical procedure that removes or disconnects the epileptogenic CEREBRAL CORTEX of a hemisphere. Hemispherectomy is usually performed for patients with intractable unilateral EPILEPSY due to malformations of cortical development or brain lesions. Depending on the epileptogenic area in the hemisphere,cortical removal can be total or partial.


  1. A second type of hemispherectomy, known as functional hemispherectomy, has become more prevalent in recent years.
  2. If a functional hemispherectomy is chosen over an anatomical hemispherectomy, it is likely because it allows for less blood loss and greater chance of resilience for the patient.
  3. Additionally, functional hemispherectomy is less likely to cause hydrocephalus, the  excessive accumulation of ( cerebrospinal ) fluid in the brain,  which leads to complications from harmful pressure on brain tissues.
  4. A case study published in 2015 of 2 adults aged 48 and 38 demonstrated the success of functional hemispherectomy in treating status epilepticus ( SE ), an epileptic condition in which seizures are prolonged or occur closely together.

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