full of it meaning

  "full of it" in a sentence
  • [American idiom]
    full of nonsense; talking nonsense. (Slang.)
    Oh, shut up, Mary. You're full of hot air.
    Don't pay any attention to Bill. He's full of beans.
    You're full of it.

  • [American slang]
    mod. full of nonsense.
    • You're full of hot air. I don't believe you.
    • Aw, you're just full of it! Be quiet!

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  1. i can not tell you the full of it.
  2. i cannot tell you the full of it.
  3. when the evening was over, she went to bed full of it.
  4. you're so full of it . you're gonna lie to me more
  5. i think i must tell you the full of it

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