fulfil meaning

[ ful'fil ] Pronunciation:   "fulfil" in a sentence
  • Verb: fulfil (fulfilled,fulfilling)  fûl'fil
    Usage: Brit, Cdn (=fulfill)
    1. Put in effect
      - carry through, accomplish, execute, carry out, action, fulfill [N. Amer] 
    2. Meet the requirements or expectations of
      - satisfy, fulfill [N. Amer], live up to 
    3. Fill or meet a want or need
      - meet, satisfy, fill, fulfill [N. Amer]

    Derived forms: fulfils

    See also: fulfilment [Brit, Cdn]

    Type of: cater, complete, conform to, effect, effectuate, finish, fit, meet, ply, provide, set up, supply

  • [Business]
    AmE spelling fulfill) // verb [+ obj] (fulfilling, fulfilled, fulfilled)


    to do or have what is required or necessary:

    to fulfil the terms/conditions of an agreement

    He was accused of not fulfilling his duties as a director.

    No candidate fulfils all the criteria for this position.

    to fulfil a duty/an obligation/a pledge/promise to fulfil demands/expectations/instructions/needs/requirements


    to do or achieve what was hoped for or expected:

    The deal has fulfilled the company's ambition to expand into wider financial services.

    helping employees to fulfil their potential

    to fulfil an ambition/a dream to fulfil your potential/promise


    to have a particular role or purpose:

    The 'touch screen' fulfils the function of a keyboard.

    to fulfil the function/role of sb/sth

    4 (Commerce )

    if a business fulfils an order, they supply the full amount of sth that has been asked for:

    the processes involved in taking and fulfilling orders over the Web


    if a job fulfils you or you fulfil yourself, you feel happy and satisfied with what you are doing or what you have done:

    I need a job that really fulfils me.


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  1. we will fulfil the quota without fail.
  2. these illustrations fulfil the text.
  3. he was able to fulfil himself through music.
  4. we guarantee to fulfil our mission.
  5. his disciples do not really fulfil these demands.

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