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  • front for sb/sth informal to be the person or organization used for hiding a secret or illegal activity:
    The FBI suspected that he was fronting for a gang of drug smugglers.
    SIMILAR TO: act as a front for sb/sth
  • front:    Noun: front & ...
  • front on:    front on/onto sth ...
  • in front:    Adverb: in frontAt ...


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  1. her rudeness is just a front for her shyness.
  2. there had been no movement on this front for several weeks.
  3. the jewelry firm is just a front for their illegal trade in diamonds.
  4. after my being in yan'an and in the front for about a year, agnes came to yan'an soon after the xi'an incident.
  5. -public front for franch intelligent-that's not all

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