frondeur meaning

Pronunciation:   "frondeur" in a sentence
  • /frön-dûrˈ or frɔ̃-dœr/ noun
    1. A member of the Fronde
    2. An irreconcilable or a dissident


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  1. His daughter was the famous Frondeur the " duchesse de Chevreuse ".
  2. After France surrendered to Germany in June 1940 during World War II, " Frondeur " served with the naval force of Vichy France.
  3. D'Artagnan leaves but waits in hiding, suspecting that Aramis is both the Frondeur who had been sought earlier and the lover of Madame de Longueville.
  4. Styled as " Mademoiselle de Vend�me " prior to marriage, she was the second of three children; she had two brothers, the Frondeur Louis Joseph de Bourbon.
  5. He was employed in the siege of Sainte-Menehould ( which he had helped to storm as a Frondeur ) and won a lieutenancy in the regiment of Burgundy, and at Stenay he was wounded twice.

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