frivol meaning

Pronunciation:   "frivol" in a sentence
Verb: frivol (frivolled,frivolling, or [US] frivoled,frivoling)  frivul
  1. Act frivolously
    - trifle

Derived forms: frivoled, frivoling, frivolled, frivolling, frivols

Type of: act, behave, do


  1. a little frivol, shall we, if you are so inclined
  2. bloom with a sour tenderish smile . a little frivol, shall we, if you are so inclined
  3. See Arthur frivol away his father's millions.
  4. It would be from these presses that The Daily Iowan, The Hawkeye, Frivol, Iowa Literary Magazine, The Transit and The Journal of Business would be printed.
  5. In 1913 in his Philistine journal, he describes Van as he " frivols and frolics all day long, on and off the stage . " He added, " He is the eternal rube who has lifted rubism to the realm of art ."

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