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  • [Architecture]

    A plan of each floor of a building showing the makeup of beams and girders on that floor, and their connections, using a simplified system of symbols and drafting linework.


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  1. steel framing plan
  2. the protection plan of the gaochunlaojie old district is made up of three levels : frame plan, control plan and detailed spatial renovation plan
  3. In addition, it produces a framing plan based on floor designs and elevation.
  4. As the Serb rebels took hundreds of peacekeepers hostage and blocked supply convoys, NATO urgently started framing plans to evacuate the U . N . force.
  5. All five blocks have themes : The first, " Roots of Democracy, " the second, " Rights and Freedoms of the American People, " the third, " Symbols of America, " the fourth, " Pioneer America " and the fifth, " America's Light " . ( The framing plan was only partially carried out with the coil stamps of the series.

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